ADhesive polymerization

In-house adhesive ploymerization process providing excellent adhesive formulation and control performanace consistency through implementing fully automated process control by SCADA system.

coating machine

Advance high speed and coated width up 2.0 meter adhesive coating machine providing accurate adhesive thickness control at +/- 1 micrometer.

Automated spilcing function create non-stop and perfect joining from one to another.

Excellent tension controller provides perfer jumbo in rewinding quality and compact in diameter measurement.

Paper core process

Fully automated paper core tubing and online cutting sorting machines provide consisten output and reduce manpower.


4 colour gravure cyclinder printing machine, provide customized printed OPP Tape to customer special requirement.

auto-slitting process

Guzzetti fully automated slitting machine imported from Itally, perform perfect OPP Tape in sltting quality. 2.0m slitting width and 15sec/circle able to provide high output and perfect apperance of the OPP Tape. the machine attached with auto-tower shrink pack machine in 2 x 6Roll per circle.

Carton Loading robot & palletizing robot

Load Finished Roll into carton and place the cartons on top of pallets

Single Pof full wrapping & auto labelling

Wrap each Finished Roll individually and label each